• A Framed Piece of History

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Nordic Sites of Mystery and Myth

Explore With Me

Framed Prints

Canvas Prints

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Print requests

For requests or orders of specific pictures not (yet) appearing in the store, follow these steps:

1. Find the photo or the photos from my Instagram feed which you want printed.

2. Direct message me via Insta or mail me at nicklas@ancient-sites.com with your request.

3. I will reply as soon as I can with options concerning size, frame, paper etc. as well as regarding general feasibility.

@ancient_sites Gift Card

As they have kept giving excitement and awe through the millenia, and are bound to keep doing so, why not invest in the one gift that just keeps on giving? Buy that special someone an ancient site! Or at least the picture of one. Or a gift card to buy a picture of one. You get the idea ...

Gift Cards

About @ancient_sites

Is a passion project by me, Nicklas, where I visit prehistoric and medieval sites in my homeland, Sweden. This project mostly lives on Instagram, where I photograph and post pictures, and write texts, on the subject of history, myth and folklore ... and occasionally science.

It has garnered some interest and I am glad to say that I have gained quite a few followers since I started out in 2016. I have also been fortunate enough to gain some success in photographic competitions and to have met some fantastic people along the way.

This store is a spin-off off of my Instagram account, and can be considered a natural evolution of my photographic interest, as well as an inroad into doing a wee bit of analogue work and some artsy and crafty stuff in an otherwise very digitally oriented hobby.

The store is modest in size and I have no particular aspirations in making it much bigger; especially since, I as of now, don't have an actual "business" business but only what in Sweden is called a "hobbyverksamhet"; that is, a hobby which can generate a bit of income on the side but which is mostly run for your own enjoyment. Though I have an education within the graphical/photographical field, my primary vocation is in fact that of a high school teacher in history.

My aim is to sell a small number of prints of my own making. The photos are always taken by me and are generally printed by me, cropped by me and mounted by me (if so far fairly seldom in frames of my own making).

I am glad to have you here and I hope you enjoy my, and our, Ancient Sites!

Warm regards,

Nicklas Sjölund Larsson

@ancient_sites on Instagram